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"Fundamentals Of Stack Gas Dispersion"
( The fourth edition of the most comprehensive book on air pollution dispersion modeling )

Now available as an E-book in PDF format for $29 ... click here.

This is the new fourth edition of the book on dispersion modeling of continuous, buoyant air pollution plumes which takes nothing for granted.  Every equation is completely derived step-by-step without any complicated or advanced mathematics.  Every constraint and assumption is fully explained.

The subjects covered in the book include atmospheric turbulence and stability classes, buoyant plume rise, Gaussian dispersion calculations and modeling, time-averaged concentrations, wind velocity profiles, fumigations, trapped plumes, flare stack plumes and much more ... with a great many example calculations.

The book has been purchased in 84 countries and is currently available in 233 libraries worldwide. It has been referenced or cited as an educational resource more than 880 times in the technical literature and on the Internet, including 34 regulatory publications of state or national governmental agencies worldwide. It has also been used as recommended reading or a textbook in 61 university courses. (See the complete list of the countries, libraries and references/citations here.)

It is also listed in the following online sources: OpenLibrary, LibraryThing, GoodReads, Citeulike, Wageningen University Library, Internet Archive and ResearchGate

Readers of the earlier editions have enjoyed the clear and concise development of air pollutant dispersion fundamentals.  The fourth edition, published in 2005, is even better. Here is what some readers have said about the book:

James Westbrook, Certified Consulting Meteorologist:
"Your book is a 'must have' for air dispersion modelers.  My staff and I will refer to it often."

Dr. Brad Schrader, Idaho State University :
"I was impressed with the high quality of the book and decided to require it as one of the books for my class in environmental health physics."

Dr. Sue Ellen Haupt, Meteorology Dept., Pennsylvania State University:
"A couple of my recent publications reference your book. I have found your book to be quite useful."

Dr. Kalliat Valsaraj, Chemical Engineering Dept., Louisiana State University:
"I am favorably impressed with your book and used it for an air pollution class that I teach at LSU.  I commend you for bringing out such a book."

Karen Kowalewsky, Certified Consulting Meteorologist, Radian Corporation:
"I believe this book is a useful reference and plan to have it at work in the frequently consulted dispersion modeling section of my bookshelf."

Victoria Lamb, Environmental Engineering Dept., Monash University, Melbourne, Australia:
"I teach a class at Monash University ... and I am very excited to come across your book. I have recommended your book to my class as another reference for further reading."

Dr. Aleksandar Cvjetic, Chair of Environmental Engineering Dept., University of Belgrade, Serbia:
"The book is more than useful, it is excellent and it has been included as indispensable in our post-graduate course (Master of Science level) on dispersion modeling of environmental pollution."

About the Author

Milton R. Beychok is a retired chemical engineer currently living in Newport Beach, California, USA. His professional career included 20 years with the Fluor Engineering and Construction Corporation managing the process design and commissioning of petroleum refineries as well as natural gas processing plants and petrochemical plants.

That was then followed by somewhat more than 25 years of independent consulting, primarily in the fields of environmental technology and design.

He is a graduate of Texas A&M University and a long-time Fellow member of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers.

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