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Oil & Gas Journal, October 30, 1995, page 42

(A publication of PennWell Publishing Co.)
Excerpts from a review by the editor:

This book was written for engineers and any others who want a good understanding of stack gas dispersion calculations. Anyone engaged in the design and evaluation of air emission controls should find this book to be a valuable tool.

The book derives the fundamental theory step-by-step and it includes many example calculations. It serves as a single reference that documents the decades of development that led up to our current sophisticated and computerized dispersion calculation models. Chapters are devoted to (basic) atmospheric parameters, Gaussian dispersian equations, plume rise, time averaging of concentrations, wind velocity profiles, calculation of plume dispersion, meteorological data, fumigations, trapped plumes, and flare stack plume rise.

Atmospheric Environment, November 1995, page 3397

(A publication of Pergamon Press)
Excerpts from a review by James P. Lodge:

A good number of years ago, I reviewed an earlier edition of this work quite favorably. Having read through, with puzzlement, other explanations of stack gas dispersion, I was greatly taken with the simple, straightforward explanation of the steps to get from emission and meteorological data to the expected downwind concentrations. Now, the author has produced a much more comprehensive volume that takes you from raw data to final concentrations, using the same approach.

In a word then, this is a rather full course in point-source dispersion modeling. The work is overall as unique as it claims to be, in presenting this subject in a straightforward, informal fashion. I plan to put my copy on the shelf next to my desk where I can reach it. I recommend it.

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