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Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, January 1997, pages 90-94

(A publication of the AMS)
Excerpts from a review by Karen Kowalewsky:

The goal of this text is to provide the reader with the fundamentals of dispersion models, deriving them stepwise with examples, while avoiding complex mathematics. Overall, the book meets the goal of explaining the basic theory. Beychok has done a good job; all of the material given was technically sound and complete. The table of contents, the lists of tables and figures, and the references were complete. The examples were quite detailed and assisted in explaining the main subjects.

The historical and engineering aspects of this book will be useful to any meteorologists or engineers working in the field of air pollution meteorology. I believe this book is a useful reference and plan to have it at work in the frequently consulted dispersion modeling section of my bookshelf.

Chemical Engineering Progress, August 1995, page 88

(A publication of the AIChE)
Excerpts from a review by Stanley S. Grossel:

The author wrote this book because he felt there was no single reference source that clearly explained the fundamental theory and discussed the many assumptions and constraints involved in its derivation.

The book starts "from scratch" in deriving the fundamental theory step-by-step, and it also provides many sample calculations serving to elucidate the theory and procedures. All major aspects of (buoyant) gas dispersion are covered here in a manner easily followed by the non-specialist engineer. The calculation samples appreciably help in illustrating the theory and design procedures. This book will be a useful addition to the bookshelf of all engineers faced with estimating the effects of stack gas dispersion.

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